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I sold my used vehicle to this company and I felt they gave me a very fair value for my car. The staff was very helpful, and arrived at my location quickly. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely give the company the opportunity to purchase my car.

I used to dread selling my car. Although, now that I am aware a service like this exists I don't have to get all worked up anymore when I need to sell a car. I just wanted to say you guys are great, and I love the service.

If you've been putting off selling your car because it's to difficult you should call this company. They really make selling your car simple. They saved me a lot of time and stress. Not to mention the staff is very helpful, and they respond quickly to questions. I'd without a doubt use the service again.

I got paid in cash quickly by using this company. It was pretty amazing how simple it was. I definitely won't be using craigslist anymore this company is so much better. They were quick and professional.

working with these guys was a breeze. I didn't have to deal with any paperwork. They took care of it all for me. It was a very straight-forward process. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result.

John Hutchins-San Marcos, CA

We Can Help You Sell Your Car!

Cash For Cars San Marcos

Cash for Cars San Marcos specializes in assisting you with the removal of your vehicle and paying you cash for it. We purchase cars in the San Marcos area that are in any condition and will come to you. It does not matter if your car is in running condition and has a decent body, but needs repairs or if your vehicle has reached the end of its life and needs to be sold as junk. We will pay cash for your vehicle and save you the hassle of listing it in the newspaper or on the internet classified sites and having to deal with endless people asking questions that you have already listed in the description or not showing up for meetings to see the vehicle.

We Purchase Cars in Good Condition

Perhaps you received an offer from the dealership on a trade-in for your vehicle that was downright insulting or you do not want to go through a dealership at all to buy and sell your vehicles. We do not sell vehicles, but we will pay you a decent price whether your car is in running condition or not. The body of the vehicle does not need to be perfect, or it can be in great condition. The car may need repairs or it can be in good running condition. We will pay you cash for your vehicle at a fair and reasonable price. All you need is the title, or your driver’s license and the registration.

We Purchase Cars Reaching End of Life

Perhaps you need to say goodbye to your first vehicle, which you purchased used and have driven until its life has reached its very end and it is ready to go the junk yard for scrap. We will come out and pick up your precious first ride and pay top dollar for its value in scrap and or parts if it’s still running and help you recycle it so that it does not sit in your yard looking like blight on the neighborhood. That extra cash can go towards a down payment towards your next set of wheels. We can handle all the DMV paperwork for you and all you need to do is sign off the title to us.

We Buy Your Junk Cars

Have the neighbors been hinting that the rusted out car that has been sitting in your yard for months or years is bringing down the property values and makes the place look less than classy? Or have they threatened to call the city and report you for coding violations for not having a registered vehicle parked out on the street? Give us a call and we will pay you to take the problem off your hands and stop the neighbors from complaining about junk cars cluttering up the place.

Abandoned Cars

Are you a property owner who rents apartments and has tenants who vacated and left a vehicle behind? Give the police department a call to report the abandoned vehicle then fill out a form and then give us a call and we will pay you cash for the vehicle and you can recover some of the losses from the previous tenants skipping out on their lease and any damages they may have caused to the apartment. Same goes for business owners who notice that the same car has been parked and has not moved for months on end in their lot. Just fill out the abandoned vehicle paperwork with the police department to claim it then give us a call and we can give you cash for the vehicle and take it off your hands.

How Do I Get Cash for My Vehicle?

Call our offices today and answer a few simple questions about the condition of your car. We will provide you with an estimate of the cash value that we will pay you to come pick the vehicle up from your location. If you agree, we will schedule a time at your earliest convenience. All you will need to provide is the title, which you can sign over to us. If you do not have the title to your vehicle any longer, you can provide us with a photo copy of your driver’s license and give us the registration. You will want to remove the license plates to the vehicle prior to selling it to us.
Getting money for your automobile is fast, simple and there are no hassles or waiting that come from posting your ad on classifieds like Craig’s List or no fees for newspaper listings and having to deal with people haggling with prices. What’s even better, you don’t have to pay to have the vehicle towed away, we come pick it up and pay to take it away for you. Call us today for an estimate and see how much your vehicle is worth.